Hump Day

Hi! How are you?
It may be hump day, but it doesn't feel like we are getting over a hump. Time is feeling different now. I was just beginning to type and wrote, March 25th 2019. So that's got me thinking... a lot has changed in a year. My daughter now walks and talks, vocabulary's doors are closed temporarily, I'm now a regular facetime and zoom participant. Today I begin my recording of why I love this and that at the shop, my own show! You can find me on instagram stories, if you want to connect visually. I've wanted to do this for two years and insecurity stopped me. Today I'm brave and bold and trying anyway! The insecurity isn't gone, but the creative juices are flowing so I'm riding the wave.
Yesterday I did a closet re-organization at home and shared on stories. I'm doing my thing, as I'm sure you are, in new ways, and actually sharing more on my instagram @vocabularyboutique. I'm looking all throughout the day too, for ideas, examples, laughs, inspiration, kindness, connection. Very grateful for social media at this time, happy to still see friends and family, clients, and my creative business community.
Monday I had my first zoom meeting with an incredible group of business owners, showing up to share ideas of what to do now. I was really beside myself with grace and awe. How talented, intelligent, grounded, and clear the responses were! We have experience, we have so much knowledge, and beyond all of that we all have so much love for our people, community and the work we do. Everyone kept mentioning how to be sensitive, considerate, respectful, connected. As a group we continually kept coming back to how can we connect as we normally do in person but online with all the same love and joy. While we may have resisted it in the past, now we're embracing this gift. It reminds me of the beginning of texting. I wrote more personal notes because I could put them out there in my own time, regardless of response, and I showed up more authentically, while others may have judged the medium as less personal. Texting reminds me of a time when personal notes were delivered all throughout the day, I'm thinking Three Musketeers, (which if you haven't read it, this is a wonderful time! One of my absolute favs)
Anyway, I am looking for ways to connect with you. I'm inspired by new ideas or questions I could help answer. I am here, if you want to write, or text or DM me...
I hope you'll enjoy my videos, coming soon, and for now, if you are planning online gatherings, consider lipstick, facial products and statement earrings or necklaces to be your statement makers!
Kind of fun, I wore big earrings to my zoom call and stripes, may fav. I felt bright, bold and optimistic. I wasn't distracted by how I looked because I'd dressed with intention. I could move on to the importance of showing up without fidgeting with my hair or skin. Again, new awareness because of a new experience. We are all learning, I hope you are also taking good care of yourself. Rest, Relax, Restore, and connect in ways that work well for you during this interesting time.
Creativity abounds, and I'm really impressed.
xoxo, Cecelia
Ps. If you want to support us financially, please buy gift cards online. It's a way for us to invest in our future. If you purchase one, it's a huge help, and we have a wonderful symbiotic relationship. If you don't that's okay, it's my job to ask, and please keep hanging out with me here:)
They are for the "boutique only" because we haven't upgraded our shopify to allow for gift cards. We certainly will if there's a need:)
We can also help you use them online, via a quick chat, text or email and discount code.
Pps. If you are purchasing pieces, we will get them shipped to you as soon as possible!!!
I'm so grateful.
PPSS. a new hashtag we are using and following on insta
So many businesses are sharing ideas, teaching, playing, and investing in you in new ways.
I'm so curious how this will shape our future, and following the hashtag will reveal this evolution.

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