For the Love of Baubles

So, these are fun, and we are still at home. I'm reaching out to say hi! I'm feeling isolated, I had a nightmare that we were told next week we couldn't leave our homes period and had to hang black out curtains on the windows because... why? No reason, made no sense but dreams don't right? I felt it was just a way for more of my anxious story telling to get some energy, as it left my body, hopefully without impacting my decisions, my play with Lillian or my conversations with my husband, which are anxiety ridden enough thank you. How are you holding up?
I made a list of why yesterday was challenging and how I was feeling, and the list morphed from challenges to blessings. I was so glad I had taken the time to write, by the end I stated, "this was a challenging day, this was a blessed day", and what day isn't right?
So, just another day over here:)
I will say a few instagram posts and messages have got me thinking about vacation, and I'd LOVE to escape. Whether you are planning one, day dreaming, or possibly even cancelling plans, I invite you to dream up a place you'd like to visit. Pack your virtual luggage, and imagine the places you'll go, drink the drinks if possible, eat the foods, chat with the locals, and give your heart & your mind some balance from this daily challenge.
We got this, we just don't know how exactly yet, and that's okay. We're learning.
Next Year, let's vacation, let's plan parties at vocabulary and let's wear ALL the fun outfits we aren't taking out this month. Deal?!
Until then, let's connect here and on instagram, I posted my packing check list for accessories today on stories.
Here it is:
One simple earring, one simple necklace, one statement earring and one big bold cuff. That's it. I try to wear a statement piece everyday on vacation, it's a way of feeling differently than at home. It's a way to remember the trip when I'm back to my day to day. Those pieces for me are festive and celebratory. You?
Well, Bon Voyage!
I wish you were here, literally, with me shopping at vocabulary, but agin, until then...
xoxo, Cecelia
Ps. New pieces added online today. If we don't have something you'd love, just email or text me, perhaps I can order for you! For the fun baubles above, click here n scroll down.

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