Tiers of Joy

Well It's April 1st; we are still home, and it ain't no joke.
Today, my husband snapped this shot of me for you, what a dear. I miss my photoshoots with Conni where we talk all about what is great about the pieces we are photographing, and where we'd wear them. So, I'm doing that on insta stories later today!
I'm not sure if I've talked to you before about how much I love cake. When I was little I learned how to draw a cake from a template, and I would draw them and decorate them regularly. LOVE a tiered cake! It's so special compared to a single layer one we would normally make at home. A second layer of frosting, yes please, a third?! OKAY! In kindergarten I won several cakes at a cake walk one of which was a PINK HEART!!! Can you imagine my joy at seeing that cake and then getting to TAKE IT HOME!?
So this dress, with its three tiers and all kinds of room for indulging, reminds me of all I love about cake. My love of cake reminds me of all I love about parties and celebrating life's meaningful moments, which then reminds me to tell you that once we re-open we will be throwing a really fun party, WITH A CAKE WALK to celebrate our resilience and give you an opportunity to wear a super fun outfit with all the accessories to adorn yourself in a gorgeous space (my vocabulary is now looking like the Parisian Apartment I aspired to manifest) with your gal pals as we shop and connect and HUG and smooch and sip champagne as we both have our cake and eat it too.
For now, I have two really fun projects I'm celebrating at home and I'm over the moon to share.
You just have to wait until TOMORROW!
Something to look forward to... Check your email around 1pm.
You can wait a day, I've been waiting two years! Drum Roll......
One project is here to be unveiled, one is coming, both are bringing me all KINDS of JOY!
Thank you for caring.
xoxo, Cecelia
For this beautiful dress, with pockets and a top tier that is adjustable, click here
All of the below accessories would pair perfectly with this dress, click here and scroll down

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