I Love a Great White

While I love all the colors of the rainbow and appreciate diversity in my people and portfolio, Let's think about the color white for just a moment.  What are your associations?  I immediately think simple, crisp, elegant... and peaceful yet powerful.  I see powerful women wearing white head to toe, right? Functionally, it keeps you cool when it's hot which has all sorts of meaning and value.
For those of you that know me well, you know I'm a big fan of all the great whites from wines to whales. I live for monochromatic ensembles, that allow for a strong pop of colorful accessories for balance! 
Courtney, @cocosandiego, took this simple, white wrap dress wine tasting en la Valle and it was a perfect pairing. How fun are the magnolia earrings!?!? Talk about a bold citrus note. wink wink! Let me know your favorite whites! I just found a new blanc fume that was VERY interesting, intriguing really... and how fun is that on your patio at sunset, a little intrigue in a glass. 
Cheers to a blessed day full of love and light.
xoxo, Cecelia
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Pps. did you know whales can communicate from San Diego to Hawaii?!
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