Oh Baby, Those Blues

So I'm walking to this alley spot, with my baby in her buggy wearing these high waisted jeans, and my cropped tie top and I'm a little anxious about showing skin as I walk and yet I'm really fired up about how bohemian I feel, how my body feels beautiful and womanly in these clothes, and how I feel like my mom wore a top like this back in the day, walkin' her baby in the buggy, a nod to the seventies for sure. 
We were in North Park, and I felt the artistic vibe of Ray Street, and I was having fun with it.  When I looked at the photos I considered not using them.  My body doesn't look to my eyes as glorious as it felt that day, but I'm going for it anyway, hoping you FEEL me on this one. These jeans are more affordable than most we carry, and they FEEL hip.  I LOVE the kicky cropped flare and this top can be tied in the front or back, layered or not, and has been a hit with everyone who tries it.  I love a great silhouette that works on many different women, complimenting them for different reasons.  Such a great and simple design.
Pop in to try for yourself ladies, I will be in the boutique Sunday 11-1, and you know I'll be pourin' some bubbles, so please join me, I MISS YOU!
xoxo, Cecelia
Ps. LOVING all the blues in here this week: from chambray to navy, pants to tops, stripes and dots, baby we got your blues.

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