New Year Picks

So here are just a few of my favorite things in our collection for 2019.  As the fresh bright dresses and shorts are unpacked, the sun seems brighter, the air more clean.  I take a deep breath and do feel I've hit the reset button.  Funny, considering we've all been sick with colds and my days consist of a VERY similar schedule, with lots of repetition.  This means the actual reset is energetic. I've been reminded by Chani Nicholas how very important the daily practices are: "Whatever rituals help you to stay psychically attuned, aligned, and clear need to be practiced with great rigor and reverence for their power."
Basically, I'm a Jedi, and with all that power comes great responsibility (high five Spidey and Uncle Ben), to myself mostly, to take great care, and show up in the best form possible.  
I'm setting aside time for my meditation, I'm purging things no longer serving my highest good, meaning, they just don't feel as good as they used to, and I'm surrounding myself with people and goodies that inspire me, make my heart pound, or just feel yummy!  
The palm beach candle has agave notes. It seems every time I read the description of a candle I like, there it is! I'm obsessed. The constellation bracelet by mimi&lu is simple with a touch of sparkle. For all that you carry that's precious, our bags and pouches are perfect.  And who doesn't want a new linen agenda that inspires all the year may hold?!
If you're interested in a horoscope for the year and then your personal signs as well click hereWe all have been going on and on about it, finding so much that resonates!
If you'd like a new ritual to try, light a candle and then write your intentions, wishes, aspirations, or affirmations in blue ink.  Ask for healing, things to be released, whatever needs support in your life.  Place the writing under the candle SAFELY.  We do this at the boutique and are happy to share our book of hopes and dreams if you'd like to give yours some energetic support.  We're here to help!
I hope your new year is off to a fresh bright start and you're taking good care of you, magical you!
xoxo, Cecelia

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