Rainy Day Dreamin'

I'm thoroughly enjoying this rain, cozy days inside playing with my little one, and getting out in a sweater with an umbrella and popping into the cozy shops and restaurants of Little Italy.  I know I'm constantly raving, but it really is the best hood a girl could ask for.  Parakeet Cafe just moved into the neighborhood, and all I can say about that is YUM, with a side of VERY kind customer service, which is as great as the avocado toast.
Frost Me has a wonderful happy hour and the Food Hall's piazza spritzer is EVERYTHING!
What's even better than the spritzer on the piazza, our new palazzo pants!  
Palazzos in La Piazza!  ha ha
Chic & Easy, my go to pant for Spring & Summer!
Now I'm turning inward with this rain, and honestly feeling a little melancholy.  There's a reason I live in mostly Sunny Southern California, that's for certain.  I will say that with that turn, I feel I'm getting some clearer messages.  Maybe rain drops raise the vibration of the notes from the universe, ha ha.  
So, I told you my word for the year is WIN.  A friend of mine just texted me, WIN stands for what's important now.  YASSSSSS!  I yell.  I have been grappling with reminders to make my goals smaller, more realistic, and while I can wrap my head and heart around living in the present and celebrating small victories, I have always thought that women don't succeed because they don't dream large enough.  
Now that doesn't work with all the stories of, I had now idea this could be such a huge success.  So I know there's room for me to change my understanding of how the world works, but I was pretty confident that if I could dream it, I would experience it.  
Well I have LOFTY goals, huge dreams and really big projects that involve many people, major financing, and big synchronicity to accomplish.  So, I often sit in my little part of the world and feel like a failure because they haven't come to fruition.  So after watching the Momentum Documentary, I heard my nod from the universe.  One surfer says, I finally came to terms with the fact that I was never going to win the world championship.  His days of surfing and competing were the same, he just started enjoying them more, because he went from failing to succeeding, with just a switch in perspective.  This resonates.  I then spoke to an entrepreneur a few days later, who told me in his industry, another day flat is a success.  I said okay, that's the same thing.  Success is maintenance sometimes, it's steady, its struggling but not failing.  It's continuing to try, to play, to be open to what happens next, and releasing outcomes.  This is a challenging pivot for me, but you all know how much I love to celebrate a win, and when  thinking smaller can be about what's important right now, and allowing future to be big and beautiful and live where it belongs, in the future, I can respect myself and my dreams by giving a bit more love, focus and attention to what is important at this moment, and that is a WIN!
  So here I am, happy to have gone inward, found some new truth, and as the sun comes out, I grow with new strength and motivation, just like the flowers, blooming another season.  I'm wondering if there are shifts you could make to goals that would help you feel better about your current life.  Just curious, on a rainy Wednesday.
xoxo, Cecelia
Ps. Need a little more pizzazz in your palazzo?! This print arrives tomorrow! #obsessed #articulateyourstyle

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