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Good afternoon. I'm slowly peeking out of my shell. Slowly... and today I put on a dress to share with you, and some lipstick for myself. I felt the power of intentional dressing, dressing so I could feel the breeze in my clothing, a print that matched the weather, wearing fun earrings that I felt moving each time I turned my head. The experience of wearing clothes that fit well, and by fit I mean your body, your mood, and the occasion... there's nothing like it! The best way I can describe it is this: When I feel really good in my clothes, I then move on to be aware of so much more. I'm not distracted by my straps or my sore feet. I am inspired by how I feel, how I look. I feel like I'm walking on sunshine, as the song goes, and I'm able to share more of myself with the world. I'm available to experience so much more.
That being said, a wrap dress can be the best or worst of options. It's adjustable for a better fit, but remember when trying it on: you want to adjust it once when getting dressed, and relax into it. You do not want to be adjusting it all the time you are wearing it. Make sense?
My heart goes out to your heart. My mom reminded me yesterday that I am grieving, and to let myself grieve. I know you are too.
My mantra: We ARE better together!
and its okay to focus a lot of love on one ache at a time.
xoxo, Cecelia
Ps. This particular dress is not yet online, but please reply here if you would like to try.
I'm wearing m/l, it also comes in s/m. limited quantities. print is gorgeous!
Friday 2-4
Saturday 10-1
Sunday 10-1
Also by appointment if those times don't work well for you.
Please wear your mask, we have sanitizer:)
Pps. Did you notice you are now receiving my notes on Thursdays? I hope that works well for you. I'm open to shifting, let me know your preference!

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