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Happy Thursday!
My mantra this week: I am happy I am healthy and I am at ease in my body.
I have been feeling the collective anxiety and fear beyond my own daily levels. I am trying to keep my head above water, stay present, and address each moment of each day with an openness that can be difficult to muster when feeling like there are a team of lions outside the door waiting to gobble me up... as my primal narrative goes. So as I said last week, lots of checking in, am I in danger, no not exactly, but my community is, and how is it appropriate to respond to that danger, when it's systemic like racism or global like a pandemic. Well my friend, I'm breathing through it and trying to find my way. I'm here holding your hand energetically. It's all I can say today. Sending you love and grace, and maybe an animal print to embolden yourself is just the thing as courage is needed right now, to show up, learn and grow.
I was glad to be in the boutique this morning doing some try-ons and am VERY happy to recommend these shorts. The print is bold, fun, chic. The fit is relaxed and flattering. The length is JUST RIGHT, not too short, not too long, and the cuffs are stitched so they don't fall. Love a designer who considers the details of HOW we wear our clothing, beyond just the look on a hanger, and how great to find a statement piece that goes well with your favorite black tee or tank, even a sweater in the Fall. Click here to grab a pair.
Click here @vocabularyboutique to follow us on insta and see my videos highlighting pieces I LOVE to offer. Lean into the light.
xoxo, Cecelia
Ps. We are open by appointment this week, email text or dm me to schedule!
In person or virtually.
email: or click reply here
text 619-316-6598

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