Strapless Floral

Happy Thursday!
I am just finishing up two shopping appointments with amazing women doing amazing things, some of which are in the middle of the night on their sofa, and I have to pause and state that the women I work with are incredible. We are all incredible beings.
We are navigating uncharted waters, we are opening up and asking difficult questions, we are noticing and allowing so many vulnerabilities in our systems. We are noticing how uncomfortable we are as a culture to discuss all matters of importance. ALL. Why is that? Often, because we haven't been trained. You know how you do certain things like the people before you without much thought or effort. Dishes, where you keep the mail, how you do or don't make your bed, what you offer a friend when they cry... It's imprinted, it's well trained. Conversations around death, sex, racism, justice, equality, dreams, desires and even our needs... not so much.
We are asking why are we responding this way or that, AND responding with more questions and a true desire to do this well, to be loving, present and compassionate adults, because that matters to me, to us. I am in awe today of you and me and how capable we are to grow, learn, show up, with ALL the feelings. If getting dressed helps make that any easier, I'm here for you.
A common theme this week for me and some of you: the weight on our shoulders is so heavy. I'm taking a deep breath and imagining someone lifting it, asking for help, be it spiritual or tangible from my family and friends, receiving with grace, and trying to breathe through the rigidity or resistance to what I wish I could deny or change and ALLOW for what needs to be illuminated, healed, discussed, hugged, whatever it may be.
My mantra this week: I'm present and at ease in my body. It's all I got, and I hope it's enough.
BIG love to you as you climb your mountains, rest, reflect, pack up, or gaze from the summit.
xoxo, Cecelia
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