October 16th, 2019
Ho Fame! (pronounced (ō fah may with big hand gestures),
That's I'm hungry in Italian, or I have hunger, if we are directly translating, and while I DO LOVE a bowl of pasta bolognese completely smothered in freshly grated parmesan, and I'm situated in the perfect neighborhood for my culinary leanings, "I have hunger" applies more to my life than my appetite.
I have a new awareness, a shift in a prior judgement. I am someone who is often wanting. Wanting a shift, something new, an improved circumstance, a better song, a more comfortable shoe, a better view, etc. While I have gratitude for what is, I often feel guilty or unworthy regarding my wanting something else. Today, while I contemplate a new home I am seeking, I am realizing that I have a hunger inside, for shifting, and that's okay. It's appropriate in fact. We are all shifting, and therefore we need to shift our circumstances. I need quiet where I used to love the noise. I need space where I used to love the cozy, because I have in fact changed. I have grown. I need new light, new air, and new support. We visited the lions and leopards at the zoo recently, and their calm, their size, their strength, their discernment of what's worth their energy, their tasting of the air... all reminded me, deep inside, of my hunger. and while I will continue to be grateful for all the blessings of my current life, I'm celebrating my desires today, my hunger for change, advancement, and improvement. Holla if you hear me! Pat I know you are out there nodding your head, because honestly a sandwich IS MUCH BETTER with pickles, it just is, even if it's already good, so why not make it better if you can?
Here's to that fine tuning and asking for the wishes of your unique heart to be granted or accomplished, while feeling grace during the waiting...
Go get em tiger!
BACIONI, Cecelia
Ps. Don't wait on this dress though, it's going QUICKLY! click here
Do wear it to pasta dinners, it has pockets but no waistline, making it the PERFECT out to dinner dress. Prego.
Pps. Its funny but my favorite bolognese in Little Italy was at Craft n Commerce... Doesn't look like its a current offering, so I'd head to Civico for another option, che delicioso.
You never know where you'll find your fav, and now I AM hungry... ciao belli, ci vediamo a presto!

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