Grateful Heart, Mindful Moments

This week the same story keeps coming up both for me and my girlfriends.  Here's the gist, maybe you can relate: I can just barely keep up with what's in front of me/us today.  I'm disappointed that everything from yesterday/last week/last decade (you catch my drift) isn't already done/handled/off my mind.  Oh, the list...I wanted certain things in place before I had Lillian because I knew there would be less time once she arrived.  That was true, but also, we were just keeping up with those days.  Now, we are just keeping up with these days.  I can do today's dishes but just barely...There's no room for big dives into projects right now, so no, I'm not rearranging the pots and tupperware cabinet for more efficient use, in fact, I'm just throwing bottoms and lids in there all willy nilly and hoping they don't break. I'm not even able to plan a dive into that project in the foreseeable future, even though the need is OBVIOUSLY there.  She's it for now.  Lillian and the dishes, and this note to you, that's about it for today, and any other day. Life is full.
This story leads me to mindfulness.  If today, this moment, this breath is all there is, then that's enough, and the past and future are full of those same types of moments where what is in front of us is all there is.  It's our ambitious minds that can build up space that doesn't exist and try to fill it.  While that creative brainstorming may help cultivate new ideas that become a present experience, the shadow side of this thinking sets us up for failure because as cool as those ideas can be, there isn't always space for them in our actual day, AND THAT'S OKAY.
 Today, I wanted to photograph a few of our new arrivals for the boutique (available online too:) and there was only time for this one beautiful dress to be photographed, one delicious coffee to be enjoyed and one or two meaningful stories to be shared with my dear friend while my beautiful daughter read her book and enjoyed the surroundings at Cafe Gratitude. So many gorgeous people working there, filling their space with positive energy. I'm grateful for this beautiful space in my day, in my neighborhood, and in my heart.  I'm grateful for the space to say thank you for this morning coming together so sweetly, easily and NOT giving energy to what fell threw the cracks, the two hours I created in my mind when we only had 30 minutes, and to have stayed longer would have been a complete struggle.  My husband says "don't stay too long at the fair"... All the while, I'm comfortable in my skin because this dress fits my mood, fits my ease, and inspires the very person I want to be: comfortable, chic and playful.  The fact that my earrings match the wall hanging, well that's just the universe and I in synchronicity, me and my favorite dance partner moving to our favorite song.
xoxo, Cecelia
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