Fancy Nancy

Hey Nancy, you fancy?
A few months ago I was taking buying appointments with our favorite brands and was not feeling inspired. It happens sometimes, the designers take their collections in a new direction and Im not interested in their journey. I was getting a little down about it, where are those pieces that help me LOVE my job and write to you saying I CANNOT WAIT for you to get to wear this next season?! And then Molly Bracken arrived and my rep is fabulous, the RAHR blouse was an absolute MUST and I loved my job again. Phew.
Now we just received the shipment, and while I remembered the roar of the blouse I did not remember the simply chic pearl necked sweater that came with it. SWOON! Pairing them together with a black fitted pant and a pair of converse had me dancing in the alley where we snapped our shots. The sweater has a voluminous sleeve that can be worn to reveal a fabulous cuff, be it a bracelet or cuff of a blouse, especially this print. So I'm putting these pretties together and I'm feelin' the FANCY! As much as I'm a Nancy, I'm a little insecure about it. I have always enjoyed my champagne taste, but I have felt at times either undeserving or over indulgent in partaking in my own preferences. SHADOW SIDE detected. I thought about this as we photographed the ensemble and I was feeling fabulous and playing around with how I would wear this if I was working at Vogue and meeting with Anna this afternoon, Nancy and Anna are on a first name basis, obvi.
Here's the thing, I felt fun and fabulous in this ensemble, done and moving on. This is how we need to dress... to feel amazing. The fear or judgement I have about how much I deserve to wear pearls when I am not yet working at Vogue, is an indication that I need to love on myself a bit and allow for some more self expression. Buying this blouse doesn't impede my ability to feed my family, but it does put a major spark in my step, which is something this tired mama can really use. So, with this email I ask you to shop our online boutique or pop in to try something that you like even without a specific purpose, and if you feel amazing in it, I want you to take it home, wear it and tell me about what happens when you allow your heart to lead. Nancy or not; you are worthy of whatever it is you desire. GET IT GIRL!
Xoxo, Cecelia
Ps. Molly Bracken Favorites have been added to our collection in the boutique as well as online.
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because who doesn't love some online shopping from your bed, or desk, I won't tell you boss.  Nancy is her own boss. No one bosses Nancy, lol

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