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September 25th, 2019
I get it, you are on your phone or your computer, and you are happy to get a glimpse of a heartful soul (me) sharing some inspiring thoughts, honest feelings and an idea of what to wear and where to wear it.  This is our Wednesday rendezvous, you and me.  Well, I'd like us to take our relationship to the next level.  I want you to click on our logo, below, and shop... right from the comfort of your sweet space. This is a test week, just for you, so once you purchase your new fav pant or earring or sweater, and the process gets messy ('cause it might) please allow for some patience to come up and support us, like a waiter spilling wine on my dress while we sit at happy hour for the first time in person. Awkward, and funny, with the right perspective. hee hee
Honestly, please peruse and shop our new online boutique, and if we don't have your size, or we've sold out of what you see that you like the most, buy your second fav and email me about what's missing.  I'll try to get it in for you!  I want all the feedback, even the PLEH! responses are helpful, as long as they are really about our website and not your lunch that has all kinds of onions that you specifically ordered without, and your mouth is full as you push purchase.  So, to be clear, I want all your honesty after a quick question, is this really about vocabulary, or is it in fact the onions? 
Love you, mean it, and REALLY appreciate you supporting our venture, because as small as this collection is, the effort is HUGE!
Enormous thanks to this beauty, @artinthefind for being my BEST model and friend and Cassandra the Great who is making parking less of an issue as you continue to shop with us with an abundance of peace & ease.  
Want style advice, just ask!  We are just an email text or DM away.
xoxo, Cecelia
PS. I'm anxious and nervous and filled with insecurity about how this site may not be good enough, and so with this note, I declare: I am enough, you are enough, and this little collection of goodies is sugar on top of an otherwise beautiful life filled with learning growing and shopping. 
Happy Wednesday! MUAH! 

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