Save Perfect for Your Poncho

This poncho is perfection, and while I rarely love an item enough to take in two different colors, I grabbed both the mustard and the grey for you :)  The mustard is hip, the grey is classic, and the poncho itself is really flattering. While it has the volume we desire in our Autumnal Outerwear, it doesn't overwhelm you, because it's not too long. If you are little edgy in San Diego, you may pair it with cutoffs, if you are more Upper East Side, you will wear it with your ponte pant, but I know both of you have some killer booties to rock with this wearable modern art piece, that is simply perfect.  
And who doesn't want a little perfect in their life?! It doesn't come in our homes or our humans, certainly not in ourselves, so let's let it live in the closet where it belongs and wear it when we need a good dose, kind of like a super cape:Here's to perfect pieces in our repertoires to support us while we love all the beautiful imperfections of actual lives.
xoxo, Cecelia
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