September Strolls

Strollin' with the homies... a sweet reference to Clueless and a lovely Fall-ish day out with a friend.  I told you this denim jumper is similar to the one I wore on my first day of kindergarten (that one was sasson, I swooned over sasson).  I'm still into it!  So that style stood the test of time, lol, as did Clueless, still a fav movie, and one of the few I quote from on a regular basis.
Lucy Where's my Fred Siegel!?!?
Back to Present
I'm beginning a new chapter after my tenth year in business. I do business coaching for women: reflective listening with occasional guidance, and I'm realizing just how much we all need the space to reflect on our experiences.  We are all on our own paths, with our own timing, and our own goals, obstacles & wins, and as unique as we are, that fact is shared.  We are all learning and growing.  I'm finding the space to reflect, affirm and translate to be like fertilizer, both for me and those I'm working with.  Like Lillian, we need to check in, this okay?  I'm not crazy? Safe to move forward?  Sometimes we just need a touch or a glance, and other times we need research and resources, but ultimately, we need each other.  I don't mean someone to tell you what to do, I mean the reassurance of a good listen, or maybe even a great question: how does this feel to you?  Which option is more in line with your getting you to your goal?  How is that old habit working out for you?
So, I thought I'd share, and invite you to sit for a moment, and reflect.  It's key, I believe, in getting to know yourself better, taking care of yourself better, and cultivating days and years that you LOVE living.
Meanwhile, paper bag waisted bottoms are key to EVERYTHING, lol.  Dress for the life you love.  I give you full permission to try new styles and see where they take you.  You might be loving them now AND when they come 'round again!
xoxo, Cecelia
PS. here's a great question: what do I need to be aware of today?
Now Listen.

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