Animal Print and Virgos

How are your animal instincts?  My daughter, who came into this world deathly afraid of dogs and cats, is warming up to them and LOVED the last few dogs she met.  Interestingly, those particular dogs were extremely baby friendly. The kind of dogs that inspires someone like me, who is at best on the fence with most pets, to run to the shelter and save a four pawed soul.  My point, I'm impressed with her instincts. I'm pretty sure she's reading their energy, and they are reading hers. No fear. And she of course, is all about her wildness.
I heard a podcast once about looking at animals as a way of connecting with your instincts, seeing which you identify with, and learning about them, embodying them.  It's a way to get out of your head and into your body right?!  How better to connect, than with an animal print dress?!  Silly, but true.  If this resonates, you may now have more options than EVER.  Animal print is everywhere both literally and then more subtly: playful hints within prints.
A lovely client of ours came in recently and told us a great story of her grandmother, Helen, in Italy who says a woman should wear animal print or red every day, unless it's the weekend, then both! #HelensHacks
 We need to own our power ladies, express ourselves, and allow our energy to be free, as tame or wild as that may be.
xoxo, Cecelia
PS. I'll get back into the outfits of the week soon, but today I'm off shopping for your Fall Accessories, so definitely stop in this weekend to grab your new pieces, and try on this dress. 
We can now special order your astrological sign, in script.
Locally Made and Gold Plated over Sterling Silver.
Happy Birthday Virgos! Vocabulary is a virgo too:)
Here's the beginning of a juicy reading by Chani Nicholas, 
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Virgo & Virgo Rising
I'd rather live my life in pursuit of joy, justice, and connection than spend my precious energy convincing others that I'm right. I know that what I'm right about will reveal itself. I don't have to push truth on anyone

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