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Happy Wednesday!  In San Diego we get to see Fall in fashion WAY before our feeling it in the forecast, so we are bringing in some transitional pieces that have a lightness both in color and texture that feed our autumnal cravings without being too hot to even try.
Yesterday I listened to a meditation and the woman was speaking about change, over and over, and stating how everything is in constant change, every instant, changing, and if change is hard for you as it is most of us, it was honestly a little unsettling at first.  And then, I settled into the meditation as we do, and her words were less important, and the energy of the moment was serene and I was present with each breath and no big deal... and then I realized this is it: mindfulness.  This is exactly what people are talking about, when you focus on the immediate breath, you are present and all the thoughts and feelings about change (or anything else) settle down, because mostly they are triggering of future and past, but right now, as you realize that this instant will change and then that one will change too, and we are just sitting here breathing, and as I like to say, a lion is not currently approaching. And for some reason I imagine Pooh.
This morning I wake up to look at our new arrivals and think about transitioning into Fall, and I take a deep breath and wonder what will be beautiful this season, what changes will occur, and how will I grow... I consider this all with ease, and move on.  I don't get too concerned with the answers to those questions.  Again, this is mindfulness.  It's really ahhhhhmazing to feel peaceful, in the face of change, in the face of less than desired details to my day.
So today I celebrate change. I have changed my operating system, and I enjoyed my morning a tad bit more because of it. 
PLUS, I get to go to My Sister's Closet today with Conni Art in the Find, post Closet Clean-out, and she's going to show me how its done, spending my consignment check!  Pretty excited about our fieldtrip, which we will be sure to share in our insta stories
xoxo, Cecelia

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