Gettin' Schooled

Miss me yesterday!?  I apologize for my tardiness, the day was PACKED, and I allowed myself to send you this message today, and see why that was a great idea... Perhaps a few of you wouldn't have seen this message yesterday and are going to be so happy to read it today.  Maybe your kids or niece or nephews started school today?  And possibly, you are a bit confused about how they are as old as they are, and you need a minute to catch up!  Or maybe, you are just really busy at Target taking advantage of the aisle after aisle of school supplies.
For many of us this is the "new year", a new start, and a time to to refresh the nest be it at home or work or classroom.  If like me, you are sticking with all things fun in fourth grade as an inspirational theme for your life these days, your wardrobe will reflect that.  My fourth grade year was spent with Mr G, who brought great structure to my life.  He was kind and disciplined.  He had KILLER treat boxes #1 for smaller goals achieved and #2 for larger ones, you know those notebooks and pencils were FANCY, and that's everything I needed.  He graded us on content AND presentation which was right up my alley, and I can go on and on about him here, so ya, he had a positive impact.  I didn't have a dad at home caring about my every move, and he did care. We get what we need, don't we, in all kinds of ways.  One of the best skills we can have is the ability and willingness to notice.
Our new arrivals actually remind me of my childhood quite a bit, we just received a denim jumper that's very similar to the one I wore to my first day of kindergarten, and this elastic waisted tee reminds us to go through our day "with love" because honestly, what else are we doing here?  So today I remind you to dress yourself for your current place, mood, space, mindset.  Do so with love and know that both the universe and Mr G care about content AND presentation.  It all matters, if it matters to you.
xoxo, Cecelia

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