Summer Blazer and a Cake

We've returned from our vacation and this morning, up very early with jet lag, inspired by my most recent lesson, I made a cake.  Over and over in my mind I was thinking, what an absurd idea that having your cake and EATING IT TOO is too much, or even wrong.  Why have the cake if you aren't intending to ENJOY IT!? I'm telling you, it was on repeat... odd I know, but I'm writing about it.  Sometimes, I feel like I've just received an assignment from the universe, lol.
So I made a cake, and it's going to represent abundance for me, instead of lack, and the celebration of every day, the moments in between the big moves or major shifts.  It's going to be the magic, that is what our days are actually made of, and I'm going to EAT IT UP!  May your week be magical too, and may you be courageous enough to notice.
xoxo, Cecelia
Ps. this blazer came to the boutique and then home with me after Kali, fashion blogger, In Spades,  inspired me with her recent blazer post.  I actually do most of my shopping off people I see on the street.  I love how something they are wearing looks and seems to vibe with them, and then I will search for my version.  Often it actually shows up pretty easily.  Please tell us what you are really looking for, or craving, when you pop in.  We may have it today, or even get it next week, and you'll have support getting what you want AND need. Ya you, let's get that cake and eat it too! We got you!
...and the earrings right now, honestly, extra frosting! 

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