The Best Case of the Blues

This dress just is as sweet as blueberry pie. The subtle floral print invokes Spring in all its feminine glory, right?  Interestingly, aqua and indigo are the colors associated with the 5th and 6th chakras, speaking your truth and your divine insight or third eye. So, the blues, interestingly, are something to be invited in. I love it when we can flip an idea on its head.  
Helps us choose our beliefs, right?  This is the divine feminine in all its glory, allowing for our truths, our perspectives, our instincts. 
I have three questions for you to consider this week, and I'd LOVE to hear your answers, just click reply.
1. If you were beyond successful and achieving your biggest dream, what would you still do each day because you love it so?! 
2. What are you learning about yourself in your current experience?
I'll let you know why I'm asking next week:)
3. What is your superpower, and when you ask others, what do they think is your superpower? This will be a very fun conversation!
Til then, pop in to chat, see our new accessories, and meet Ashley, our new stylist!
xoxo, Cecelia
Ps. I'm reminded that Holly Golightly felt the blues are nothin', "you are just sad, that's all" it's the mean reds that are tough!

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