Feelin' Myself

So last week we captured this outfit of the week photo, and I was struggling to feel good about myself: my appearance, my shape, my hair, my uggh!  If I was honest with my feelings and actions, all I wanted to do was throw a tantrum.  There was no solution, and when I sat with it, I realized I was tired, I wasn't happy with my hair in its most natural setting and I didn't have the time to "do" it. I was wearing a dress, and as beautiful as it was, I couldn't move the way I needed to move with Lillian in tow.  We call it a bad hair day, right? I'm sure I'm not alone when I say it reminds me of middle school, yelling
I have NOTHING to wear, and therefore my world feels its ending.  This description is dramatic and the feelings I felt getting dressed were just that, dramatic.  I felt out of sorts, I was then running late, the worst! I chose to move forward trusting I could move through my feelings and my day, which I did, and things greatly improved, right around the time, I
changed my outfit
Pants, yesssss, fun loose shirt tied at the waist and I felt a little sexy, and my hair tossled made more sense, and then I put on the goddess earrings, and I laughed because they are a bit silly, and all of a sudden I felt an 80s situation going on with my outfit AND my surroundings, with all the fun colors and prints at Parakeet Cafe. AS Beyoncé says, "I'm feelin' myself". I drank my Tumeric Latte with espresso, okay, now every part of me is waking up and happy to be here, and rose tinted glasses didn't hurt:)  I came back into a feeling of comfort and connection with myself.  Fascinating how much an outfit plays a part in our day: be it a hidden joke with our jewelry or perfectly fitting denim. It's a place where our internal and external worlds connect, on our bodies.
I asked you last week a few questions about your superpower and the parts of your day that you love, what you are currently learning...  As I learn to focus on what's important now (WIN), I'm noticing how rich the day is... and how much of what I hope for in terms of my future is already present in my day to day.  So... I'm building on this, using my superpower, which I believe is the ability to listen, hear, and reflect.  I'm a mirror, which maybe that's why my super suit is jeans and a tee, easier for others to see themselves in that which I reflect?   
How fun is this?!  Share yours with me.  What have you found? Here's what I'm looking for: ways that I can identify with those I look up to, meaning, they aren't different from me because of what they've achieved, they are similar to me because we are both learning.  Make sense?  I'm looking to close the gap between where I am and want to be, maybe you want to do the same?

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