Happy Valentine's Day!

Firstly, this top is the SOFTEST and how festive are these earrings?! Honestly, we have such beautiful, wearable, fun pieces in the boutique right now. It's dreamy.
 Sunday we hosted our Galentine's Day party. It felt different than our other gatherings, possibly because of Stefanie's artistic influence, or the divine presence of the apothebeauties, but the weather was glorious and the rosé was flowing, until I lost the bottle opener ... I'm buying TWO right now! Primarily, So many of you came with your gals! Women shopping and visiting together. You stocked up on fun accessories, grabbed your Valentine's Day cards and made investments in your beauty. That's exactly what I had hoped for. It was feminine fun! I couldn't be happier to be a part of this community. Thank you all for coming, and if you missed it, we have plenty of celebrations planned for this being our tenth year, because we are celebrating all the wins! 
Ps. I want to see your watercolors!
I hope you have a wonderful valentines week and your every day is blessed with an abundance of love and joy.
xoxo, Cecelia
A few fun valentines inspired ideas.
1.  For a goddess tarot reading click here or pop in for my picks below and pull an angel card!  
2. Buy yourself a new shade of RED lipstick or nail color and some butter balm to rub all up on your beautiful self.
3. Read about divine feminine archetypes or take a QUIZ here, silly but fun!
4. Light a candle and list in blue ink all that you love about yourself and a few desires on a paper in blue ink. Place the paper under the candle showing gratitude for your divinity and open yourself up to receive all that you desire. Open your heart & mind, and surrender.
5. Practice Goddess pose, three breaths inviting in all the abundance of love joy peace ease n resources. 
6. Listen to Oprah's masterclass podcast where she talks about her story and her divinity.  

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