Connecting the Dots

Hey there Super Moon!  While the moon last night was big, its glow felt enormous. We first saw it standing at our street corner, looking up my San Francisco Like Hill, and I said to my sleeping littles, it's like Dad hung it there as part of his scenic design, just for us.  I thought about how when I was a kid I loved the book In the house where Jack lives and wanted to live in a city building, much like I do now: pink, three floors, with metal scrolls, easy to illustrate. ta da.
If we are decision making machines, sifting and sorting through preferences, I find it fascinating to connect the dots between wants wishes and realities.  Some are quite obvious but some are so subtle and take a really long time to manifest. I then made a list of the elements of my life and my day for which I'm grateful and it was as if I was talking, right out loud, to that little girl within who had been so unsure, often scared, of what would happen. 
While we'll continue to grow and shift it was a beautiful moment the moon illuminated for me.  There's a lot to this here & now.
It's funny, this dress really reminds me of the vintage dresses we would pull when I worked in the theatre for thirties or forties period pieces. How do you feel about polk-a-dots?  I gravitate toward them as a vibrant playful print that I consider both chic and sophisticated.
This dress combines its vintage silhouette with a modern fit.  The ties on the sleeves are a dreamy touch and the slits on the side are both sexy and freeing.  Need a leading lady dress? Pop in to try our outfit of the week, and have a wonderful Wednesday! 
Ps. If you are more curious about this moon, I found this fascinating:  click here.  For more on all the dots I'm connecting, follow my insta stories! @vocabularyboutique.
Pps. a helpful trick:  If you are struggling with a story line in your life, talk about it like its a movie, a play or a book.  What can you pull out of it with a little distance that allows for other endings, helpful transitions, etc.  What if the main character wasn't you?  What would happen for them given the same circumstances? You might find something more than just what's in front of you, once you can shift your storytelling.
xoxo, Cecelia

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