'Tis the Season

Happy Halloween!
So I'm having all kinds of fun here, dancing with my se-elf,
and my sweater.  A sweater that dances back?!  Why YES!  The pom poms on the sleeves are too fun, maybe wear this when you vote?!  We have GOT to make this fun again.  I'm struggling with the loss of lives taken in Pittsburgh, and then I pause and feel for all the losses, inequalities, injustices, heartbreak.  
I have some high hopes for positive change.  
I am grateful to know of the messes so we can clean them up. 
I might run for office in the future. 
This week my mind is messy, and my heart is both happy and sad & my life is beautiful.  Today we trick or treat, how fun is that?!
Speaking of the season, election season that is...
 I had an idea: a website where all the constituents vote on every matter.  Then the elected official (who works for them)  maybe someday that will be me, simply votes on their behalf.  EASY. POLICY over POWER. 
 Empowering the people over the self. I'm curious why this isn't already happening. Maybe it is? I'm going to look into it:)
Speaking of voting, I have heard that people are more likely to vote if they have a plan.  
Tuesday, November 6th, add to your calendar!  
Apparently some officials have sent out information with the wrong date, hopefully it wasn't intentional.  ick.  
Where are you voting?  Going with a friend? Call your friends and family, do they have a plan? Anyone need a ride? Or clarification on their ballot?  Recommendations?  
Are you going to happy hour afterward?  I am!
My favorite election was when my mom was visiting, and we sat at La Villa for hours eating, chatting with family that came and went, sipping all the wine, and listening to campaign results.  
Hope was Obama's message, and I was inspired.  I still am!
I am here to help field your questions, help you find a polling place, offer you 20% off anything you purchase when you come show us you voted next week. Let's do this!
xoxo, Cecelia
Ps. Here's a great resource.
Pps. For Costume Inspo from serious fashionistas glance below & follow
 Jenna Pilant and InSpades on insta.  
Ppss. the outfit below is EVERYTHING, the sleek leather like legging with the chunky textured camel sweater must be seen n felt in person.
#articulateyourstyle       #articulateyourvoice

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