How good is this LOVE tee from Sol Angeles?! Made in California is right!  I am having a ball buying pieces for you this season, I feel like every line we carry has stepped up their game, and I'm in a constant state of adoration, like the heart eyes emoji all day every day. 
I'd say we need all the LOVE we can get this election season.  I'm excited there are so many women running for office, and I hope the culture of politics is shifting toward an honest representation of constituents.  I was really disappointed to hear that there are members of Congress running ads that say they support one thing while they vote against it.  Breaks my heart.  Look into the voting records of your representatives.  They work for you, after all, and it's not fair for them to get the raise at work when they aren't doing the work you hired them to do.  UGGH!  As if it wasn't hard enough to trust in this life already, right?!  I'm here to tell you, trust anyway.  I believe I've told you who knows how many times my word for this year is trust.  It comes up constantly, the reminders, the are you sure you want to fears, the look how well that turned out because I trusted affirmations.  You know its a mixed bag, but at the end of the day, I'm trusting that the world is safe, and things work out very well for me.  I'm a trusting person allowing the universe to prove me right!
xoxo, Cecelia
Ps. These washed out black options in denim have my heart, paired with a twist tee, it's too easy, and a velvet stripe down the side of a pair of perfect fitting jeans, come on!  It's too good!  
Get in here, and then head over to Coronado Brewing for inspired murals, great chardonnay (ha ha I know their beer is good but I'm going to choose a wine every time) and fun games on the patio. LOVE our city!

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