Rachel ZOE

I AM FREAKING OUT!!! In a good way.
I just met with a rep, my favorite rep Kyleah, who has a new position at a new company, Rachel Zoe.
I LOVE Rachel Zoe, the person, the stylist, in as much as you can love and admire and respect someone you don't know personally. And ps. I do NOT care about celebrities. PERIOD. I'd be a great person to live amongst famous people if they wanted anonymity, because I could care less. However, I DO CARE about Rachel Zoe, and Roger, her husband, and their beautiful kids, and her team, and her vintage collection, and her style (mostly bc her style and my style are VERY SIMILAR - yes I'd like EVERYthing to be white as well) Most of this I only know bc I watched her show on repeat....
So I shot a video like I do, on instagram, and I really hope you are following me @vocabularyboutique on either insta or facebook to see this, as well as our new arrivals.
After I posted my video showing my love for Rachel, and the pieces we will be carrying, they said they loved my video and will share it with Rachel and Roger and on their social...
So if for any reason you remember my messages, you might remember me writing about Coco Chanel's team (yes I'm aware that she operates in spirit form these days) gave me a nod when they
featured a vocabulary of statements when talking about their earrings.
Basically, I am in league with two of the GREATEST stylists that I'm aware of...
Not bad, right?! I do not need an oscar or a grammy but I LOVE knowing that I'm swimming in a small pond with some of the GREATS! BIG BIG SMILE on this girl today:)
Thank YOU for caring about my experiences, thanks for following along with me during this challenging voyage, and please let me know if you'd like to schedule an appointment with me or want me to ship something you see!
xoxo, Cecelia
The top above is reversible, my favorite, with a deep v that can be worn in front or back, a voluminous sleeve in modal jersey, a throwback fabric to studio 54.
That's my girl Rachel, throw on some gold chains a statement cuff, and lets do this ladies, lets have a MAJOR moment and go bananas!
wink wink
PS. I told the rep about the top being reversible, so she was going to share that with Rachel too, one stylist tip to another! GAAAAHHHHH gaaaahhh goosebumps:) hee hee
PPs. Some new ways we are operating!
INSTAGRAM: I do try ons of our goods on instagram and it takes some time, and it's imperfect, and it's fun and we are happy to talk more in person, via phone or text or dm, and then we ship. It's working. Please follow us, watch our stories and feel free to ask me how if this doesn't make sense to you! We can invoice you or you can venmo us... It's pretty easy people are ordering more and more this way which I'm noticing is taking me away from my emails. I'm not giving them up but I'm not getting them written as often as I'd like.
I hope to improve that, but for now, please reach out if you'd like to see the videos or photos and don't use instagram. I will share with you directly:)
PRODUCTS: The top above is a pre-order, you can reserve now:) $128 xs-large avail and you can pick up or I will ship in a couple weeks.
Here's the deal, we are getting in new products as before but fewer and far between because of access, and because we aren't selling as much as before.
So, we are partnering with designers who are willing to allow us to take PRE-ORDERS on pieces we love but can only carry if you are really interested.
This means you can still return if they don't work but you would order and we would ship as the top or pant became available, usually in a week or two, instead of just shipping from our inventory in the boutique. This means more sizes available more often, and we get to work with designers on how women really feel about the pieces being designed before too many pieces get cut that don't really work. Win Win, really, and an exciting twist to my role as a buyer and stylist. I get to share your voice with the makers, and you then become more of the purpose behind what gets created. SO COOL!
This sweet puff sleeve tee is a pre-order tee, has not yet arrived but I will order for you with free shipping. Price $54, 100% cotton and the sweetest sleeve a girl could ask for!
So, as I transform, evolve, and bite my nails, I am noticing how BRAVE I am and wearing a pretty tee and a bad ass leather jacket to get the job done, 'cause it just feels right.
Pre-order this jacket too, $358, it's amazing.
email: cecelia@vocabularyboutique.com or
text me: 619-316-6598 for private appointments

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