Striped Top and Sunday Brunch

Somewhere over the rainbow... I am a day dreamer, a big ideas person, and I spend a lot of time in my mind.  Since Lillian was born, I've been singing lullabies and Somewhere over the Rainbow is one in my repertoire. I've been thinking a lot about the lyrics since I landed on this theme for Sunday's Brunch.  Our fifth annual by the way, how fun is that?!
Dorothy's dreaming up a place where troubles melt like lemon drops is a place I've lived my life.  If only... This could be solved if... Why aren't they just... I wish... Why can't this be different... and ultimately, if I can imagine it, why isn't it my reality?  This is my biggest question in this life.  If I can dream it up, why isn't it instantly manifested?
In recent years I've learned from healers coaches writers and therapists (yes I listen to a LOT of podcasts:) that the dream is a precious, beautiful, inspired thing, to be affirmed and aligned with yes, but not to be broken by.  I've learned that we are constantly cultivating preferences that shift our future destinations ever so slightly or dramatically, like small movements to a ship's wheel can change the course significantly.
Dorothy's lesson that there's no place like home, and everything we need is within us is a divine truth.  There isn't an external wizard hiding behind a veil, controlling the goods and bads of your days.  We are blessed learners with so many questions, concerns and again preferences.  Lillian is my greatest example of this.  She can find the mystery or value in most anything until she can't, and then, she makes her preferences known, and as she grows, they do as well.  Humans are so fascinating, and ultimately, when I'm still and quiet, I'm grateful for my home, my body, my family, my earth, and accepting of it just as it is, with a mind full of my hopes for future fine tuning. Here my is heart full of love for each life, each moment, each lesson, and even those ugly frustrations that help me shift course ever so slightly and experience something someday that's that much sweeter due to my finely tuned instrument, an awareness so I don't miss it!
And her trust that a pair of shoes is all one needs to get you back to where you belong, I mean, yes, Dorothy, I'm right with you on that.  While dreams inspire and expand upon our realities, there's no place like home.  We are the rainbow,  and we hold everything we need. No need to go beyond, because dreams do come true: each day, in real lives, in real time.  Here's to dreamin', schemin' and manifesting.
xoxo, Cecelia

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